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tomconrad reported 2020-07-22T14:51:00Z  · last modified 2020-07-22T15:07:56Z

Create a new feature that lets the user do a describe/create table ddl on a result set in the QA results window

customer request
Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component Q Analyzer
Version Future

Investigate adding a feature that lets the user right click on the Query Analyzer results and select either a describe and/or a create table based on the result set output structure.

From the customer...

It's cool that I can save a result set as a csv,xls,sql etc but how can I find the schema of the result set? Obviously AQDS knows what the schema of the result set is. How can I find it?

Even better still would be to right click on a result set and have an option that says "Create as table" or the like.


Issue #15805

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