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swissarmyknife(*) reported 2013-02-27T23:04:20Z  · last modified 2013-03-05T00:16:06Z

vertica - query max results set to 20 generates warning

Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component Admin - Activation
Version Future

v13 build 31454 2013-Feb-27 10:11:26 AM


1. create a connection to a Vertica DB

2. run a query that generates more than 20 results

3. after you see that more than 20 results return, edit the max results at the top of the query window and enter 20

4. execute again and you will receive the following warning

[Vertica][JDBC](10460) Invalid fetch size: 100. Valid size range: 0 to 20.0.

see attached

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Issue #2851

Resolved 2013-03-05T00:16:06Z
No due date
Fixed Build 31496
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