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NielsGron reported 2014-12-09T00:21:45Z  · deepalisalve last modified 2015-03-21T12:09:18Z

Add option to script object to new window with title name of object

customer request
Kin-Hong Wong
Niels Gron
Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component Q Analyzer
Version 16.0

Add an option (Options->Genera->Query Windows->[Rename new Query Windows to object on scripting]?) to rename the title of a new query window to that of the object that is being scripted.  So, if a user does a Script Table->CREATE to New Window, then it will open a new query window, change the title to the name of the object and then script the DDL to the new window.

Take a look at ScriptTableCREATE_NewWin.java -> ScriptBase.openQueryWindowWithScript()-> QueryPanel.setTabTiteDelayed()

Setting the title is tricky, and we need to look at the rename action for the document tab.

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Issue #12924

Resolved 2015-03-18T03:25:28Z
No due date
Fixed Build 16.0.0-rc-18, 16.0.0-1
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