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swapnil.chaudhari(*) reported 2015-03-23T12:01:10Z  · tariqrahiman last modified 2015-03-24T20:35:26Z

Tab name "OBJECT_TYPE - OBJECT_NAME" is not persisted on relaunching ADS.

Kin-Hong Wong
Tariq Rahiman
Priority Minor
Complexity Unknown
Component Q Analyzer
Version 16.0
Product: Aqua Data Studio
Version: 16.0.1
Build #: 43043
Build Date: 2015-Mar-20 04:17:17 PM
Operating Environment: Linux (3.13.0-45-generic, amd64) / UTF-8 / en / IN / Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_60-b19
Memory: Max=704,643,072;  Total=365,953,024;  Free=166,430,704;  CPUs=8
1: Launch ADS
2: Connect to any database server
3: Go to Treenode
4: Right click on any object (Say, any table)
5: Select option: "Script object to New window as" -> Create
Script is generated for selected object in new tab
Tab name shows: <Object type> - <Object Name>
(Here, Table-company)
6: Now close ADS.
7: Again relaunch ADS.
Tab name mentioned in above step 5 is not persisted.
(I have tested above mentioned scenario in Informix, MS SQL Server 12 and SQLite) 
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Issue #13166

Resolved 2015-03-24T17:16:15Z
No due date
Fixed Build 16.0.1-6
No time estimate

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