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SachinPrakash reported 2015-04-22T22:21:56Z  · tariqrahiman last modified 2015-04-24T20:06:42Z

Execute Edit -> Support Primary Key detection on views

Priority Major
Complexity Unknown
Component Tools - Table Data Editor
Version 15.0

From user:

For AquaFold: the request is for a way to centrally define the primary key for Execute Edit against a particular database view. Since Sybase allows sp_primarykey for views, I’d suggest respecting the primary key entry.

sp_primarkey definition: http://infocenter.sybase.com/archive/topic/com.sybase.help.ase_15.0.sprocs/html/sprocs/sprocs178.htm

@ivan - Today, when execute edit is invoked, we check to see if a table has a PK defined. If so, we automatically check that PK in Table Data Editor. For views, we don't perform any such check since views typically don't have PKs associated w/ them. The enhancements request is that for Sybase ASE, check to see if a PK is defined for this view. If so, then automatically set those fields as PKs when TDE is launched.

Issue #13263

Resolved 2015-04-23T21:07:06Z
No due date
Fixed Build v15.0.15-1, v16.0.4-4, v17.0.0-dev-20
No time estimate

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