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tariqrahiman reported 2015-05-04T16:48:24Z  · last modified 2015-05-05T23:10:50Z

New icon for DB2 iSeries Logical files [Views node, Detail view, Query builder & Object search]

customer request
Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component App - General
Version 16.0

A new icon is needed for DB2 iSeries -> Logical files in Views node and in Detail view, Query builder & Object search.

Right now, there is no distinction between the Views and Logical files and it is difficult to distinguish between the two.

Related issue is https://www.aquaclusters.com/app/home/project/public/aquadatastudio/issue/13186

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Issue #13289

Resolved 2015-05-05T21:37:18Z
No due date
Fixed Build v16.0.5-5
No time estimate

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