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nishtha(*) reported 2015-07-23T06:45:13Z  · tariqrahiman last modified 2015-07-24T00:06:45Z

PostgreSQL - Batch import on oid datatype column gives error.

Jenny Nishimura
Tariq Rahiman
Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component Tools - Import Tool
Version 16.0

Product: Aqua Data Studio
Version: 16.0.5-20
Build #: 44849
Build Date: 2015-Jul-22 02:23:11 PM

Operating Environment: Linux (3.13.0-32-generic, amd64) / UTF-8 / en / IN / Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_60-b19
Memory: Max=704,643,072;  Total=322,961,408;  Free=144,737,424;  CPUs=8

Steps to reproduce the issue :
1) Connect to PostgreSQL server.
2) Create a Table with oid datatype in any schema.

     CREATE TABLE "public"."oid_datatype"  (
          "col_oid"    oid NULL

3) Insert some data in it.
    INSERT INTO "public"."oid_datatype"("col_oid")

4) Export data of this table into one file (e.g oid.txt).

5) Now try to import data from file into 'oid_datatype' table.

I receive the following error when attempting to use the data import tool to import a column of type oid using batch mode.

Import started ...

Execute batch failed: Batch entry 0 INSERT INTO "public"."oid_datatype"("col_oid")  VALUES('1000.0') was aborted.  Call getNextException to see the cause.

ERROR: column "col_oid" is of type oid but expression is of type double precision
  Hint: You will need to rewrite or cast the expression.
  Position: 56

Please refer attached screenshot "Import_oid_datatype.png".

1 attachment

Issue #13564

Resolved 2015-07-23T18:19:50Z
No due date
Fixed Build ADS 16.0.5-21
No time estimate

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