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ivangron reported 2015-12-04T21:51:54Z  · tariqrahiman last modified 2015-12-10T17:24:50Z

Oracle 11g -> Virtual Column support

customer request Pending verification in other release
Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component Script Object
Version 16.0

  Oracle 11g added support for virtual columns.  We need to enhance data studio to extract & script the virtual column information.  

  Will also need to modify the create/alter table GUI and add column property boolean <virtual>.  The contents of the virtual column are maintained in the column default value.  we should use the default value property to maintain the virtual column info.

  WIll also need to modify ERM to support this property.

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Issue #13928

Resolved 2015-12-08T20:13:57Z
No due date
Fixed Build v16.0.10-6
No time estimate

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