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ivangron reported 2015-12-11T20:23:25Z  · last modified 2017-01-26T16:12:27Z

Sybase ASE -> Permissions -> Execution of statements on temporary table check

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Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component Q Analyzer - Permissions
Version 15.0

  When permissions are restricted through the Server Connection Permissions settings, the user is still allowed to work with temporary databases.  Originally we only supported the system temp database.  Later we added support for the session bound temp database.  Now we want support for all temporary databases.  We will do this by extracting all user defined temporary databases from the sysdatabases table where status3 & 256 == 256 and making the check against the full temp database list.

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Issue #13973

Resolved 2015-12-11T20:42:56Z
No due date
Fixed Build v15.0.16-3
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