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Lwaugh reported 2019-08-14T21:39:24Z  · MounikaSure last modified 2020-04-23T12:58:49Z

Support for DB2LUW 11.5

Require Automation
Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component DB - DB2 LUW
Version 20.6

This is a primarily a QA effort to test if all the current DB2LUW features supported by ADS are available and work correctly with the new driver and server. If there are any issues found while testing, the development team will need to investigate and fix the problem. Remember to have the development team install the new driver from issue #15756 first.

Development will have to make some changes to handle the new version number in ERM. Have a look at the EDatabaseDB2 class and search for version.  Confirm that version 11.x or 11.5 is also included in all options settings like File->Options->Scripts, File->Options->Results Format, File->Options->Registration Defaults... etc. The following area's should be unit tested by the development team before sending to QA:

Server Connection
Schema Tree - object nodes, model nodes
Scripting(Table, Views, Sequences, Indexes, Triggers, Datatypes, Constraints, Procedures, Functions...other objects)
Visual Editing 
Query Analyzer Window
Results Window
Table Data Editor
Import Data & Export tool
Entity Relationship modeler
Schema Compare
Visual Query Builder
Object Search
AquaScript and Projects


Issue #15731

Resolved 2020-01-22T13:25:52Z
No due date
Fixed Build ADS 20.6.0-dev-12
No time estimate

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