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bcourtine reported 2019-11-28T14:13:12Z  · last modified 2019-11-28T14:21:17Z

Support of released version PostgreSQL 12.

customer request
Priority Major
Complexity Unknown
Component DB - PostgreSQL
Version 20.0


I am confused… I don't  know if I have to open a case on the support portal or a feature request here. So I did both: this ticket is a copy of the already submitted 00769818 Idera case.

With Aqua Data Studio 20, we can connect to a PostgreSQL 12 database, but we cannot use the query builder. We get an error "defa.adsrc does not exists".

"adsrc" field is deprecated since a long time in PostgreSQL, and has been removed in version 12. So, it should not be used by the Query Builder (and neither in any code, since it is not compatible anymore with latest PostgreSQL version).

Best regards,
Benoît Courtine

Issue #15764

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