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diego.gabanzo reported 2023-06-22T18:43:20Z  · last modified 2023-11-03T19:47:09Z

Option or setting to save the column orders at the Objects Search window

Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component Tools - Object Search
Version Future

Case number 01002536

The customer would like to have the option to save the order of the columns at the Object Search Window and set it as a default. So whenever he open Object Search tool the column order that he set previously.

In the case the customer described the following:

When the Object Search window comes up, the default order of the columns is:
Object Name/Source, Object Type, Parent, Related, Owner, Database.

When I change the order, is it possible to set the default like below?
Database, Owner, Object Name/Source, Object Type, Parent, Related



Issue #15929

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