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tgreen reported 2023-10-26T21:14:16Z  · last modified 2023-10-27T13:18:31Z

Editing text in script window becomes broken

Priority Major
Complexity Unknown
Component Editor
Version 23.0

Script windows have a habit of the editor no longer functioning properly, always after a query has been executed at least once. Doesn't happen all the time but does happen regularly.

When "broken", all the number and letter keys function fine, but Enter, Delete, Backspace, Home, End, Tab and the arrow keys do not. Pressing delete for instance will usually pop up the "Unregister Server" prompt as if the Server list has focus. If within the Server list an item is highlighted that doesn't support being deleted/unregistered, nothing happens except the "Server" menu item flashes quickly. (I have found that if one clicks the Database dropdown within the editor, this keeps the Delete key from acting like it had focus on the Server list when you go back to editing. The key still doesn't work though.) Arrows keys will scroll the editor region, as if the scroll bar were focused, moving the viewable text but not moving the cursor within the editor. You can't delete text in the editor with either the delete key or backspace, but if you highlight the text with the mouse (but not with shift-arrow keys), you can type over it and replace the text, or delete it with the right-click menu Delete command. The Enter key will not create a new line of text... you have to cut-and-paste a newline character to create a new one. Home and End will move the cursor to the first or last line in the editor - instead of first or last char on the current line - but it doesn't move the cursor within the editor itself. TAB does absolutely nothing.

One editor being broken doesn't affect the others... they keep working fine. The broken editor never resumes working correctly though... you simply have to close it and open a new one. It happens pretty frequently unfortunately. It's been happening for quite some time - well before v23.0 for sure because I was hoping that release would fix it - but I'm not sure how long. It might have started happening after I upgraded to Ventura but I'm not certain of that either. 

Below in the Support Information:


Product: Aqua Data Studio
Version: 23.0.0
Build #: 59903
Build Date: 2023-Jul-11 07:25:18 AM
Operating Environment: Mac OS X (13.5.2, x86_64) / UTF-8 / en / US / Eclipse Adoptium 11.0.13+8
Memory: Max=2,147,483,648;  Total=361,758,720;  Free=97,864,176;  CPUs=10
In-Window Graphics Capabilities
Graphics Vendor: Apple
OpenGL Renderer: Apple M1 Pro
OpenGL Version: 2.1 Metal - 83.1
Double-Buffering: Enabled
Anti-Aliasing: Enabled
Anti-Aliasing Sample Count: 4
Hardware Acceleration: Enabled
Color Bits: Red: 8  Green: 8  Blue: 8  Alpha: 8
Depth Bits: 16
Accumulation Buffer Bits: Red: 0  Green: 0  Blue: 0
Initialization Time: 1318 ms
Offscreen Graphics Capabilities
Graphics Vendor: Mesa/X.org
OpenGL Renderer: softpipe
OpenGL Version: 3.3 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 21.2.3
Double-Buffering: Disabled
Anti-Aliasing: Disabled
Anti-Aliasing Sample Count: 0
Hardware Acceleration: Disabled
Color Bits: Red: 8  Green: 8  Blue: 8  Alpha: 8
Depth Bits: 0
Accumulation Buffer Bits: Red: 16  Green: 16  Blue: 16
Initialization Time: 335 ms
Hardware PBuffer Available: No
Using PBuffer: No
Using Ram Buffer: Yes
Offscreen Rendering: Enabled
Offscreen Buffer Size: 800x600

Issue #15934

No due date
No fixed build
No time estimate

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