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tgreen reported 2024-02-22T22:14:56Z  · last modified 2024-02-22T22:14:56Z

Auto-run connection script doesn't do anything

Priority Major
Complexity Unknown
Component App - Connection
Version 23.1

When setting up a database connection, the "Script" provides the user the option to "Enter a script to be executed upon establishing a connection". That's exactly what I need while making connections to a specific production server but unfortunately it doesn't seem to do anything. My connection is to a MySQL database.

To confirm it isn't working, I establish a new connection to the database and then issue a show variables command and inspect the two settings in question. They aren't set as they should be if the two SET command execute. Then after executing the SET commands explicitly, I can verify via show variables that the setting *are* then set appropriately. It doesn't appear the connection script does anything.

Please refer to the screenshots for the details.


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Issue #15941

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