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swissarmyknife(*) reported 2013-04-25T21:21:46Z  · last modified 2013-05-03T00:02:58Z

SVN authentication out of sync with Tortoise SVN client

customer request
Kin-Hong Wong
QA swissarmyknife(*)
Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component App - Version Control - SVN
Version 13.0

In our case, we set up an SVN server on googlecode ( HTTPS )

1. On a computer with both Tortoise SVN and ADStudio, use ADStudio to perform a checkout from an SVN server. Make a commit for ADStudio and ensure your credentials work.

2. change your password via the SVN server's change password function ( can use googlecode SVN testing server and pick "regenerate password" for this )

3. make changes to files then perform a commit using the Tortoise SVN client on the same files you did a checkout in step 1, enter credentials but DO NOT check the "Save Authentication" checkbox in the Tortoise SVN dialog.

4. after that commit, make changes and attempt a commit with ADStudio. You will be prompted to enter credentials, enter the new password.

5. make changes on a file and save in ADStudio, attempt another commit.

6. from now on, ADStudio will require authentication each time, even though you've already entered your new password.

The only way to work around this is to use the Tortoise Client again, enter the correct credentials and check the "Save Authentication" checkbox in Tortoise's dialog. Once that is done ADStudio will be in sync and won't ask for credentials again.


Issue #8750

Resolved 2013-04-30T20:26:25Z
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Fixed Build 32132
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