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ivangron reported 2015-09-24T22:53:25Z  · tariqrahiman last modified 2015-09-30T05:56:47Z

Netezza -> Synonyms -> Extract/Scripting/GUI should use [database].[schema].[object_name] format for target object

customer request
Priority Low
Complexity Unknown
Component DB - Netezza
Version 16.0

Netezza Synonyms should extract target object database information and script the database in the target object.  Objects are allowed to be outside of the database that the synoymn is in.  Need to make modifications to extract, scripting & GUI to allow for database of target object.

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Issue #13755

Resolved 2015-09-25T19:33:05Z
No due date
Fixed Build v16.0.8
No time estimate

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